Shoaib Akhtar has said that he is disappointed with the performance of the Pakistani team in the recently played test series against South Africa.

The Pakistani team lost all the three test matches of the series. In the first and the third test match, the Pakistani team was defeated by huge margins. In the second test match, their performance was slightly better, but, they still couldn’t prevent the defeat and lost the match by 4 wickets.

When asked about his thoughts on the overall performance of the Pakistani team in the test series against South Africa, Akhtar said, “It was an extremely poor performance. We looked ordinary both with the bat as well as with the ball.”

“Especially, I am disappointed with the way our batsmen performed in the test series. It’s true that South Africa have got a strong bowling line up, but, that can’t be used as an excuse. You are expected to score runs against good bowling line up at this level.”

Akhtar also hailed Dale Steyn for bowling brilliantly throughout the test series. The former Pakistani speedster said, “I love watching Dale Steyn bowl. He is a great bowler. He has got pace, he can swing the ball and he has amazing control over line and length. He is one of the few bowlers in the world who can be equally effective with the new and the old ball.”

When asked about the performance of Pakistani fast bowlers in the test series, Akhtar said, “Except Mohammad Irfan and Saeed Ajmal, none of our bowlers bowled well. If you are a fast bowler, you are expected to take wickets in countries like South Africa. If you can’t get wickets in those conditions, you don’t deserve a place in the team.”