Shoaib Akhtar : Fantastic Bowling

Shoaib Akhtar Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to “Shoaib Akhtar : Fantastic Bowling”

  1. 5hzz says:

    @o0th3Jok3R0o No its not commentary is same.

  2. 20bobbo says:

    @paranoid000rapper Wow what a fine example of Indian people you are.

  3. o0th3Jok3R0o says:

    @mrcube93 it’s 2 different footage idiot. you’re so gullible.

  4. lahoristyle1 says:

    @vish0020 DUDE batsman’s life is always greater then a bowler but don’t forget shoaib is a patient of polio and he is still fastest of the world even in 2011 wc he bowls at 98mph although lee and tait was playing their bt they faild this is what shoaib is and he is gratest fast bowler of all times… but still i would rate sachibn as greatest batsman ever!!!

  5. 20bobbo says:

    @paranoid000rapper Akhtar is and always will be the daddy of India. He has got sachin out 17 times, more than anyone else, speak now you randi.

  6. paranoid000rapper says:

    ever checked how many times they both hit him to the boundary .??

    i am an englishman n i respect both of them n not this chucker….

  7. rehantariq91 says:

    shoaib best bowler love u shoaib india ke maa ke lun de do ;E

  8. vikrantmaan12345 says:

    As a bowler shoib akthar was a great blowler .
    nothing releated to india— pakis

  9. jaydurrani says:

    hahahaa 1.44 shuaib akhter kick his back ……………..LOLZZZzzzzz

  10. 20bobbo says:

    @brahaspati19 So according to you:

    “God” is 2 foot tall.

  11. brahaspati19 says:

    ya ilahi ililah sachin ur sachinullah..sachin is allah?

  12. HukumdaBadshah says:

    Plz tell me which song is used in this video …

  13. jojon96 says:

    AKHTAR has always FUCKED Tendulkar & Sehwaag,,,but these Bloody Indians cannot accept thz..lolololololololololo

  14. QAZ2453 says:

    1:15 :0 😀

  15. superking445 says:


  16. agentpran says:

    akhtar is nothing but a midgets pussy before sachin, akhtar was licking his dick in pre primary school when sachin started playing cricket loosers!! ohh ya by the way aktar and all of u will always be loosers before the god of crockete!! hahahaha pity u morons!!

  17. obaidCarkey says:

    it takes an akhtar to fuck a tendulkar!

  18. Megaboxfan says:

    @vish0020 the first 24 seconds were a video of the current Shoiab Akhtar, but you brain is not capable of noticing that is it vishnu.

  19. megatrontati says:

    @vish0020 at least he does’nt need treatment from a physio every ten minutes, like tendulkar, and oh yeah how much odi’s has tendulkar played in the last year, oh yeah 4, akhtar has played 14 with a knee injury.

  20. vish0020 says:

    let’s also post the video of the current “the concorde” huffing and puffing after every delivery to grasp air!! lolz and then let’s compare that with sachin scoring 200 against SA…can u say OVERRATEDD!!

  21. mrcube93 says:

    funny how at 0:49 the indian fans are celebrating Tendulkar’s dismissal