Shoaib Akhtar best Wickets & Bouncers

Shoaib Akhtar Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Shoaib Akhtar best Wickets & Bouncers”

  1. 1999 Prince says:

    This music suite shoaib but the sametime it makes me so sad about him that he is gone from greenteam:-(

  2. MaLiK LaeeQ says:

    nyc bowling shoaib bhai……….

  3. Faisal Shaikh says:

    Powerful bowler.

  4. southfieldboys1 says:

    oh, fair enough bro!

  5. rajeshr1 says:

    No, Indians like Akhtar too. He is a delight to watch!

  6. Mir Abdullah Sanjrani says:

    I Love Doing Fast Bowling Same As Shoiab Akhat

  7. waseem awan says:

    yes he/she should

  8. NumB IntOxIcateD says:

    The Editor Shud Mute the Original SOund of the clip if he/she used to put that additinal musik..

  9. waseem awan says:

    What a fantastic music

  10. Umar Jutt says:

    pakistani tiger

  11. haider ali says:

    He has got some pace……………

  12. KhurshidMJ says:

    he made ganguly do sujood in 2:30

  13. khanpakarmyzindabad says:


  14. thebudgieking1 says:

    Id punch I head in

  15. parthabanerjee1234 says:

    Probably. There are many such Paki knobs who click the dislike button in Sachin videos in youtube. Dekh boss beech mein border khada karne se to gadhe insaan nahi ban jaate. Border ke us taraf bhi ullu ke patthey hain aur is taraf bhi ullu ke patthey hain.
    I have always admired Wasim, Waqar and Shoaib. I just wish Shoaib could remain fitter and play longer.

  16. southfieldboys1 says:

    u can bet the disliker was a sad indian knob

  17. bilalsue says:

    pakistani cricket board or govt ki maan ki kuss main lun doon, mother chod, randi ke putter, they did really unjustice with shohaib and wasted his talent , they should make him captain of the team. fucking ass hole made that naswari yonus khan. inki maa ki kuss main mera lulla, mere tattey, oye in ki behan aur maan ki phuddi which sari duniyaa dey lun, khuda inko gharaq karey

  18. MegaCrazyevil says:

    He made ‘the wall’ look like a fence. (Wall is dravid)

  19. 5524026 says:

    what a talent he was. But very sad most of his career was over shadowed by controveries

  20. thekingofwwe1999 says:

    he ruined his carrer cauz of DDRRUUGGSS

  21. Umair Fahad says:


  22. Flirtylovey says:

    well said, the fastest ever

  23. GgdSawed says:

    Best bowler everrr we love u shoaib akhtar

  24. treeboy323 says:

    world fatest bowler ever…. we will never c a bowler like him in histories….. he is 1 in BILLION… is incomplete without SHOAIB… another lion is retired from HUNTING. SHAOIB 4ever

  25. Abdul Millad Zahidi says:

    this man is a killa!